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Prime Chain is a fast, decentrailized blockchain system empowering the decentrailized financial, NFT and metaverse. Securely connects most mainstream blockchain while offering ultra-fast and low-cost transactions.

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An advanced blockchain developed with innovations, aiming to provide a strong foundation for blockchain applications which could get a boost on their usability.

With PoA, individuals earn the right to become validators, so there is an incentive to retain the position that they have gained. By attaching a reputation to identity, validators are incentivized to uphold the transaction process, as they do not wish to have their identities attached to a negative reputation. This is considered more robust than PoS (proof-of-stake) - PoS, while a stake between two parties may be even, it does not take into account each party’s total holdings. This means that incentives can be unbalanced.

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Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The best peer-to-peer sites with no fee and wide range of token

Borderless Payments

Transactions on Prime chain are finalized in a second and cost a fraction of a cent.

Fully Protection

The PoA algorithm helps to prevent various attacks, meanwhile, the excellent bottom-layer technical architecture design enables strong scalability

Smart Money

$PMC will serve as both the gas of smart contract execution and tokens for staking.

Secure Wallet

With the ability to buy, send, and receive cryptocurrency from within the wallet, and collect non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across many blockchains.

Easy To buy & Sell

Easily add create and launch tokens. As well as buying and selling tokens on different networks easily.

Token Distribution

$PMC token will be released on the BSC Network. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

Staking reward
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PMC will be listed on PancakeSwap

PMC Crypto token will be released on BSC Network.

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Prime Ecosystem

The Prime ecosystem is composited with multiples systems like the Dapp operating system, the PMC tokenomics model, the community autonomy model and the network cloud system

  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

    Non-Fungible Token NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has the characteristics of indivisible, irreplaceable, and unique

  • Algorithmic Stablecoin

    Algorithmic stablecoin, also known as unsecured stablecoin, imitating the central bank, it has no collateral and it is directly issued through a smart contract

  • Decentralized Insurance

    It is enforced automatically and cannot be tampered with. Common risk events in the token circle such as private keys theft, cyber attack, stolen wallet and smart contracts manipulation can be insured.

  • Decentralized Exchange

    The DEX user experience is somewhat unsatisfying. Ecoball uses a flexible and elastically consensus mechanism to allow developers to build an efficient DEX with fast transaction speed and low transaction fees

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Prime is a global, decentralized network with validators and community members from all around the world.

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Our Main Road Map

  • Phase 1

    Team formation

    Idea and project conceptualization

    Technology research and analytics

    Market research

  • Phase 2

    $PMC Utility research

    Blockchain development

    Partnership with Investors and backers

    Marketing Preparation

  • Phase 3

    Marketing campaign kickoff

    Fair launch on Pinksale

    Prime Chain test-net launching

    CMC & Coingecko listing

  • Phase 4

    Prime DEX on test-net launching

    CEX listing for $PMC

    Prime Kingdom Game-fi development

    Prime Bridge test-net

  • Phase 5

    Prime Chain 1.0 main-net launching

    Prime DEX launching

    Remove taxes on BSC

    Whitepaper 2.0 Release

    Roadmap Extension

  • Phase 6

    Website 2.0 Release

    Binance Listing

    Prime Chain 2.0 development

    Prime Kingdom Game-fi release

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Frequently asked questions

Prime Chain is the blockchain initially developed by Prime team and community. Prime DEX is the decentralized exchange module developed on top of the Prime Chain blockchain.
The main focuses for the design of Prime Chain are: No custody of funds: traders maintain control of their private keys and funds. High performance: low latency, high throughput for a large user base, and high liquidity trading. We target to achieve 1 second block times, with 1 confirmation finality. Low cost: in both fees and liquidity cost. Easy user experience: as friendly as Fair trading: minimize front-running, to the extent possible. Evolvable: able to develop with forever-improving technology stack, architecture, and ideas.
You can: Send and receive PMC Issue new tokens Send, receive, burn/mint and freeze/unfreeze tokens Propose to create trading pairs between two different tokens Send orders to buy or sell assets through trading pairs created on the chain
Yes, Prime team and community would cherish the technology advancements and recommended trends and strive to make circulation of assets and value easier and easier.
The PMC Coin, PMC, is the native asset on Prime Chain.
There is no need to register. All you need is a ETH address, which can be generated with any wallet that supports Prime Chain. Then you can trade PMC or other assets stored on that address.
You can always use wallets that support Prime Chain to check your asset balances, open orders, and (optionally) order/trade history. Prime Chain Explorer is another tool to check balances and transactions.
Sorry, you cannot. Owner of the address takes full responsibility for the private key protection. Prime Chain and official wallets can not recover your private key.

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